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Amazon Fresh launches in Italy

Amazon Fresh launches in Italy

Amazon has launched its grocery delivery service Amazon Fresh in Italy. At first, it will only be available in Milan, but soon Rome and the rest of Italy will be added to its delivery region.


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As usual, Amazon Fresh is only available to Amazon Prime members. And for now, it’s only eligible to Prime members living in Milan and its surrounding municipalities, like Cologno Monzese, Rho, and Opera. The plan is to launch Amazon Fresh in Rome next, and the rest of Italy by the end of the year.

First Milan, then Rome, then the rest of Italy.

10,000 fresh products to choose from

Amazon Prime members are now able to choose from 10,000 different products in categories such as meat, fruits, vegetables and dairy. These include products that exclusively sources from Italian startups, RetailAnalysis writes.

“Consumers are able to make their Amazon Fresh purchases through retail partner U2 Supermercato, via the Amazon shopping app, and on the website, with no delivery charge applicable for orders over 50 euros.”

Amazon Fresh in Spain

Recently, Amazon also launched its Fresh service in Spain.

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