Amazon Shipping available in Europe

Amazon Shipping available in Europe

Amazon is making a fresh start with Amazon Shipping, the shipping service that online retailers can also utilize for orders beyond the platform. The service has been reintroduced in the United Kingdom and is now also accessible to online retailers in France, Italy, and Spain.

This is not the first time Amazon has provided web retailers with the option to use the company as a shipping partner for all their orders. The ecommerce giant initially introduced the service five years ago in parts of the United States, where it competed with FedEx and UPS, among others. The UK Amazon Shipping launch followed two years later.

Relaunch of Amazon Shipping

However, Amazon decided to pause the service in 2020 to better focus on orders on its own platform during the busy COVID-19 period. Now, the service is back: the relaunch of Amazon Shipping has been confirmed to Business Insider.

Amazon Shipping is back after three years

Amazon Shipping enables sellers to ship orders from Amazon or products sold on other websites, such as their own site or other marketplaces.

Delivery without FBA

Sellers can now utilize the company’s delivery services without storing their products in Amazon’s warehouses (Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA). According to company spokesperson Olivia Connors, businesses must be selling on Amazon to be eligible for the service. Currently, it operates only for domestic shipments.

Businesses must sell on Amazon to use the shipping service

“We have been providing this service for a while with positive feedback, so we are now making it available to more selling partners”, Connors said, adding: “Amazon Shipping is another option for shipping packages to customers quickly and cost-effectively.”

European Amazon merchants

The shipping service is also available for Amazon merchants in Europe. Information about Amazon Shipping can be found on country-specific sites for the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Spain. Additionally, the service has also become available in India.





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