Amazon tests bundled deliveries in Germany

Amazon tests bundled deliveries in Germany

Amazon is testing its Amazon Day service in Germany. With this service, Prime members can have their orders bundled and shipped on a day of their choice. Amazon Day is meant to save packaging material and countless trips from the courier and to prevent multiple delivery attempts.

Amazon first introduced Amazon Day in the US last February. Now, it’s testing the service in Germany. It’s actually testing out different programs that allow Prime members to control the delivery time.

Less delivery attempts

With Amazon Day, Amazon wants to save costs and to act more climate-friendly. The bundled delivery should prevent customers to be approached by a delivery company several times a week. At the same time, the likelihood that someone is at home at the desired date is expected to increase significantly.

Less package waste

Another benefit of Amazon Day is that bundled products can be brought to the customer in one big package, meaning there’s no need any more to have every single product wrapped in carton or plastic.

Zalando is also testing bundled deliveries

The idea is that after the test phase in Germany, the American ecommerce giant will soon make the service available to all Prime users in this country. Amazon however isn’t the only retail giant experimenting with bundled deliveries. Fashion retailer Zalando is also testing such a service, as part of Zalando’s ‘Do more’ strategy in which it wants to transform into a sustainable fashion platform with a positive impact on people and earth.


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