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The biggest online stores in Germany 2015

Amazon, Otto and Zalando are the biggest online stores in Germany. Together, these ecommerce companies account for almost as much revenue as the numbers 4 to 100 in the ranking of biggest online stores in Germany.


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Statista published a ranking of the 100 biggest online stores in Germany. These hundred ecommerce companies generated sales worth 24.4 billion euros in 2015. This is an increase of 13 percent compared to the online sales in 2014, when the 100 biggest online retailers in Germany generated sales of 21.6 billion euros.

Again, the lion’s share of online sales in Germany can be found at the three biggest players in this European country: (7.8 billion euros), (€2.3bn) and Zalando (€1bn).

Biggest online stores in Germany 2015

But aside from this domination, there was still plenty of movement in the online retail market. Some established stores were able to move up in the ranking. For example, Media Markt went from place 30 to 18 with a turnover of 218.9 million euros and Saturn rose from rank 51 to rank 33, with a turnover of 143.6 million euros.

Online food retailers for the first time in the top 100

For the first time, there are two online merchants in the top 100 that have their focus on food. But the core of this year’s list is again filled with generalists and fashion retailers: 29 shops offer an online department store without a special product focus and 20 stores mainly sell clothing and/or shoes.

Biggest online stores in Austria and Switzerland

EHI and Statista also ranked the 100 biggest online stores in Austria and Switzerland. In Austria, online sales of these top players increased by 9.9 percent to 2 billion euros, while in Switzerland the top 100 generated sales of 4.8 billion, whereas it was worth 4.6 billion euros in 2014. In Austria, the biggest online stores are Amazon (€551.6mn), Zalando (€150.8mn) and Universal (€117.2). In Switzerland, the biggest online stores are Digitec (€599.6mn), Zalando (€397.5mn) and Amazon (€375.1mn).