27% more sales revenue in 2021 27% more sales revenue in 2021 made 5,5 billion euros in online sales last year. That is 27 percent more than the year before. The platform now has 49 thousand third party retailers. Together they generate more than half of the revenue.

Ahold Delhaize shared their end-of-year numbers today. A year ago, the platform consisted of 41 thousand partner sellers. At the time, the company expected 5 billion euros in consumer sales. Their trading volume is therefore a bit higher than expected.

Net revenue 2,8 billion euros

Usually, mother company Ahold Delhaize does not share specific numbers on That is different this year, probably because of the planned IPO of the online store later this year.

A profit of 166 million euros remains. made a net revenue of 2,8 billion euros in 2021. That is a 20 percent increase compared to the year before. Their online sales tallied up to 5,5 billion euros – 27 percent more than in 2020. A profit of 166 million euros remains.

49 thousand partner sellers

In the fourth quarter, online sales increased with as little as 8 percent. Revenue from sales of third party sellers, however, increased with over 9 percent.

The revenue share of partner sellers is 56 percent. now has 49 thousand partner sellers on its platform, according to the company. Together they yield more than half of sales in Q4, namely 56 percent.

‘More than double investments’

Over 2021, Ahold Delhaize group made 75,6 billion euros in revenue. 7,7 billion euros of this comes from online, including

“We will continue to get ready for a sub-IPO in the second half of 2022.”

The mother company also announces to invest more in the platform. CEO Frans Muller of Ahold Delhaize: “At (…) we will more than double investments in 2022.” This is due to the expected volume growth, according to Muller. He mentions extra funds for logistics and the advertising-branch. Recently, mentioned increasing warehouse space up to 500 thousand square meters.

Finally, Muller says: “We are excited about this chapter in’s evolution and continue to progress on our plans to get ready for a sub-IPO during the second half of 2022.”



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