is the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands is the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands is the biggest online retailer in the Netherlands. Again. The ecommerce company, owned by Ahold, ranked first in the annual Twinkle100, a list of the biggest ecommerce companies in the Netherlands. Coolblue and Wehkamp ranked second and third.

Coolblue is a new entry in the top 3 of biggest online retailers in the Netherlands. Last year, Zalando ranked third, but the German fashion company is now passed by omnichannel retailer Coolblue, which generated sales worth over 614 million euros. And while the revenues of the number two and number three of last year are now somewhat the same, the number one saw its revenue increase significantly.

Last year, ended on the first place with a revenue worth of 730 million euros in 2015. This year, the online retailer is said to have generated a revenue of 950 million euros in 2016. That’s clearly more than the other players on this list.

Successful year for

It was a good year for Prior to the holiday season of last year it started with “Vandaag Bezorgd”, which guaranteed a hundred thousand different articles to be delivered at the customer’s home on the same day they were ordered. It also started with a premium subscription service: for 15 euros per year, delivers in the evenings and on Sundays for free, it delivers some products on the same day for free, and customers don’t have to pay delivery costs anymore for orders below 20 euros.


Every year, Dutch ecommerce magazine Twinkle Magazine publishes a list of the biggest online retailers in the Netherlands. It started with a simple top 100, but soon enough it expanded to an extra top 30 of ecommerce companies active in the travel sector and a list of 100 retail runners-ups (the numbers 101 to 200). So it’s actually more of a Twinkle230 nowadays.

This year’s edition of the top 100 features 52 foreign ecommerce companies, of which 25 are headquartered in Germany. Also, half of online revenues generated by the top 100 comes from the top ten of online retailers. Nine out of ten Twinkle100 members sells cross-border, while 48 percent sells via online marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay and

96% of Twinkle100 players offers iDeal

Almost all (96 percent) of the top 100 offers the popular payment method iDeal in its online store. Other popular payment methods are Visa/MasterCard (92%), PayPal (66%), gift cards (45%) and American Express (38%).

Top 10 of biggest online retailers in the Netherlands

01. €950,000,000
02. Coolblue €614,680,000
03. Wehkamp €540,000,000
04. Zalando €530,000,000
05. Albert Heijn Online €400,000,000
06. Amazon €250,000,000
07. H&M €205,000,000
08. Van Dijk Educatie €197,000,000
09. Media Markt €190,000,000
10. Nextail (Blokker Holding) €173,000,000
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