Branded raises 124 million euros to acquire Amazon sellers

Branded raises 124 million euros to acquire Amazon sellers

Branded Group announced it has raised 150 million dollars (124 million euros) in investment capital. Since its inception in mid-2020, the institutional acquirer and operator of ecommerce businesses has already acquired 25 best-selling marketplace brands.

European venture capital firm Target Global co-founded the company and led the round with participation from other international funds. With the fresh funding, the Berlin-headquartered Branded can further invest in marketplace brands.

Currently, Branded has a portfolio of 25 profitable brands with over 700,000 reviews on Amazon marketplaces, collectively generating a gross revenue of about 125 million euros. The company acquires FBA (‘Fulfilled by Amazon’) sellers on Amazon that are active in the Home, Lifestyle & Leisure categories.

More European companies that acquire and scale Amazon sellers

It’s one of many companies nowadays that acquire and then scale Amazon brands. Last month, we covered the news of a similar, also Berlin-based company, Berlin Brands Group, that announced it will invest 250 million euros in acquiring Amazon brands. In December 2020, Thrasio did the same, but with 220 million euros, in November, Heroes raised 55 million euros to acquire and scale Amazon sellers and only a few days later, Razor raised 25 million euros to do the same.

Berlin Brands, Thrasio, Heroes and Razor also acquire and scale Amazon sellers.

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