Online consumer electronics market worth 90 billion euros in 2023

Online consumer electronics market worth 90 billion euros in 2023

The European online consumer electronics market is valued at 90 billion euros in 2023. It is expected to increase 19 percent by 2025, reaching 107 billion euros. Retailers and C2C marketplaces selling used and refurbished electronics are driving this growth.

These data come from the first edition of the ‘Top 100 Consumer Electronics Retail Europe’ ranking by Cross-Border Commerce Europe. The report lists the 100 biggest sellers of consumer electronics, while also giving insight into the market.

The consumer electronics retail market in Europe was worth 202 billion euros in 2023 and is expected to grow 1.25 percent annually. It is expected to reach 210 billion euros by 2025. That means that half of that revenue will be generated by online sales. And 52 percent (55.5 billion euros) will come from cross-border trade.

11% of the total online retail sales

In 2023, the online consumer electronics market represented 11 percent of all online retail sales. That makes it the second-largest market share, after fashion. That market accounts for 15 percent.

Amazon had an 18% share of total online consumer electronics market

According to the report, sellers in the Top 100 had an average share of 0.43 percent of the total online consumer electronics trade. Amazon has the highest share, with 18 percent. This marketplace made 16.2 billion euros in revenue from sales in electronics across Europe by in 2023.

Recommerce share was 8.6%

Recommerce, which entails the refurbishment and selling of used items, is also growing its share in the online consumer electronics trade. In 2023, 7.7 billion euros of this market came from second-hand sales. This is a share of 8.6 percent.

As much as 11.5 billion euros is expected to be generated from online sales of used electronics by 2025

Online sales of used consumer electronics are expected to account for 11.5 billion euros by 2025. Recommerce will then account for 11 percent of the total online consumer electronics trade.

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