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Buy button Twitter soon possible for Shopify stores

Buy button Twitter soon possible for Shopify stores

Twitter seems to have great plans when it comes to adopting ecommerce possibilities. The latest news is that it’s buy buttons are soon also possible with Shopify stores. It could be the next social platform for Shopify that is already connected to Facebook, Pinterest is connected to Demandware as well. Social media sites are adding buy buttons to their platforms as they try to build new revenue streams from their giant audiences.

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When Twitter’s buy button initiative first launched last year, the company was working with smaller e-commerce software providers like Fancy, Gumroad, Musictoday and Stripe. The use of the buy buttons seems limited so far but the cooperation with Shopify could easily change that. The company already serves hundreds of thousands online stores. Many based in North America although the software is popular in several places worldwide. In Europe it is mainly active in the United Kingdom but rumors are that it could enter the German market soon.

A deal with Shopify should be a big deal for Twitter but it certainly does not guarantee success. It’s not proven that people want to shop on these social platforms, nor that all these merchants want to sell on social media platforms. Facebook for example has been testing ecommerce possibilities, including even entire online stores on the platform, for years. But the channel didn’t bring much in the past few years. Small merchants without strong followings on these networks may have to turn to advertisements to promote their products more broadly.

According to Re/Code Twitter’s commerce team, led by former Ticketmaster CEO Nathan Hubbard, has been looking for ways to more prominently display products for sale on the platform so people don’t have to rely on randomly coming across a shoppable tweet in their timeline.



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