Monta expands into the United Kingdom

Monta expands into the United Kingdom

Dutch fulfillment company Monta has opened a warehouse in the United Kingdom. This is the company’s third international expansion. Six months ago, it entered Belgium.

Monta was founded in 1999 and was originally a fulfillment company. It now also offers warehouse management software to ecommerce companies. In 2022, the company was acquired by DHL. As a result of that acquisition, Monta was able to accelerate its international expansion.

Six months after previous launch

In addition to its warehouses in the Netherlands, Monta also opened warehouses in Germany and Belgium. Six months after its last launch, a first warehouse in the United Kingdom has opened. The company now has a total of 18 fulfillment centers.

‘It is interesting for our customers to keep stock locally.’

“We initially want to help our customers, who are already sending a lot of orders to the UK, grow. Because they already sell a substantial amount there, it is interesting for them to keep stock locally. In that case, it is not only financially interesting; it also shortens delivery times considerably, which benefits customer satisfaction”, said Edwin van der Ham, CEO Monta.

‘Clearing goods is simplified

As a result of Brexit, ecommerce companies selling to the United Kingdom have already noticed that VAT and clearance rules in the country have changed. Monta says that it can help make the process of importing goods easier for customers.

“The warehouse in Coventry is very centrally located, so we can offer a late cut-off time and deliver throughout the country the following day. Cooperation with multiple carriers also contributes to this. In addition, clearing goods is simplified for the online store and returns can be dealt with quickly.”

‘Monta wants to act as a European hub for online stores based in the UK.’

In addition to its existing clients, the fulfillment company also wants to reach new clients based in the United Kingdom. “We already have our first customer in the United Kingdom. Moreover, Monta can act as a European hub for online stores based in the United Kingdom: the 17 warehouses in various European countries where we are located are a interesting option strategically for entrepreneurs from the Untied Kingdom who want to grow within Europe.”



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