CCC launches in Hungary and Austria

CCC launches in Hungary and Austria

CCC Group, a major footwear retail company from Poland, has launched its online shop in Hungary and Austria. In Hungary, the group already operates two ecommerce platforms, while in Austria, this will be the group’s first ecommerce platform.

CCC has launched online shop in both Hungary and Austria, which means the footwear retailer now has an ecommerce presence in 16 different markets across Europe. In Hungary, the group already operates the online Eobuwie store as well as the online fashion platform Modivo.

Launch of CCC platform accelerated due to Covid-19

“We see a huge potential in ecommerce that we want to use. With the current market environment and the ongoing lockdown in Europe in mind, we decided to accelerate the launch of the CCC platform”, Jakub Jasiński, director of omnichannel at CCC, says in the press release.

“This way, we want to meet the needs of our customers and neutralize the negative impact that closing stores, due to the global pandemic coronavirus, has on our business”, he explains.

This way we try to neutralize the negative impact of the coronavirus on our business. across Europe

Last month, the online shop was launched in Romania, while it opened in the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the end of last year. The Group has plans to launch the online store in more markets in the future.

43% of CCC’s sales happen online

The group has a total of over 50 online platforms across Europe. Not only with, but also with Eobuwie (which it acquired in 2015), Modivo, DeeZee and Gino Rossi. During the first quarter of this year, the group’s total online sales share was 43 percent. One year earlier, the share was just 28 percent.

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