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Community delivery service Nimber expands to the UK

Nimber, the Norwegian service which enables people to “ship anything with someone going that way anyway”, is now also available in the United Kingdom. The Brits now can use the peer-to-peer service and send something from one place to another with the help of other people.


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The news comes from Post & Parcel, which also writes the Norwegian company is targeting small and medium-sized enterprises as potential customers. But when we take a look at the official Nimber blog, the company already announced its arrival in the UK in March this year. But back then it was said the service was in the “alpha” phase, so it was not officially live yet.

Make some extra money while on the road
“You can now use Nimber to send anything you can imagine to anywhere in Britain. Whether it’s a chair to Birmingham, a laptop to Shoreditch, or a puppy to Glasgow. Nimber is officially open for business and that means you can help out and bring any of those items too if you’re going that way and make some extra money”, the company writes. “We are very excited to take the unbelievable momentum we are seeing in Norway and carry that with us into the UK. Our community is our backbone, it’s what makes us go and we are going very well”, said CEO Ari Kestin.

Two months ago, Nimber hit the milestone of surpassing the 30,000 user mark. The number of delivery requests increased by 425% last year, compared to the amount of requests in 2013. The company is working on revamped Android and iOS applications that should hit the UK market soon. It is free for both senders and bringers to join the service and Nimber insures all deliveries up to £500 (€675).

Similar services
All around the world there are similar services. In the United States there’s Postmates, a service McDonald’s is tring out. In the United Kingdom there’s already Stuff2Send, while Denmark is the country where SocioTransit started. And in Australia, people can use Zoom2U. In Asia, Bistip and ezyCourier are popular p2p delivery services.