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Croatian ecommerce association eCommerce Hrvatska joins EMOTA

The European Ecommerce and Omni-Channel Trade Association, better kwown as EMOTA, has welcomed a new member. The Croatoin ecommerce association eCommerce Hrvatska is the latest trade organization that has joined EMOTA.


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Maurits Bruggink, secretary general at EMOTA, welcomes the local ecommerce association and says he looks forward to working with an association in one of Europe’s developing ecommerce markets. “As a relatively new and developing association, we feel honored that eCommerce Hrvatska has entrusted us to represent them and their members at the European level”, he explained.

eCommerce Hrvatska: inform retailers

Marcel Majsan, president of eCommerce Hrvatska, says they are confident that their members are in good hands and that their interests will be protected. The Croation ecommerce association was established in 2015 and its mission is to “inform, educate, connect and assist online retailers and other entities involved in the process of developing, implementing and promoting web sales”.