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Deutsche Post launches service for cross-border retailers

Deutsche Post launches service for cross-border retailers

Deutsche Post has launched an additional service called Ländernachweis, which is aimed at retailers that ship articles from Germany to other countries. With this service, both sender and recipient are still able to view the shipping status of the item when it has crossed the border.

Deutsche Post announced the new service on its website. It explains the tracking of international merchandise items happens via RFID tags. These tags are placed on or inside items, so they can be followed during their cross-border transport and handover for delivery in the country of destination.

Ländernachweis: available in 15 European countries
According to the German postal company, the new service (which translates to ‘advice of country’) is designed specifically to cater the needs of business customers and small-scale senders. “These customers can already use another service called Einschreiben International (‘international registered items’) for higher-value goods, but when it comes to the international shipping of less expensive items, they often have other requirements”, Deutsche Post explains.

Ländernachweis is available in Switzerland and the USA and inside the European Union it’s available in Belgium, Denmark, France, Greece, the UK, Italy, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Spain and Hungary. Other countries will follow.