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Dutch retailer Lincherie opens store without products

Dutch lingerie retail chain Lincherie has opened a physical store in Amsterdam where customers won’t be able to take some bras or bikinis with them. They can however get in a fitting room with a digital mirror where they can discover the correct bra size. Ordering products happens via a tablet, after which the products will be sent to the customer within 48 hours.


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The so called Lincherie Styling Center wants to offer women a “unique omnichannel shopping experience”. The store doesn’t have a physical stock, but it does offer customers the complete assortment of brands such as Marie Jo, PrimaDonna and Andres Sarda. “All models, styles and sizes are available to try on”, the retailer explains. “And especially that last part is quite spectacular, as a regular store often only has a limited selection of sizes and models they can show.” When a customer finds the perfect lingerie, they have to order it using a tablet device. The items will be shipped to the customer’s home within 48 hours.

Lincherie fitting room

Trying bras using the 3D-scan mirror

The store has four fitting rooms with a Lincherie 3D-scan mirror. This mirror takes 140 measurements in one minute, which leads to the perfect bra size. After talking with a stylist about specific wishes and needs the customer can try on a selection of bras. They can only try Lincherie’s fitting bras and select from their inspiration collection. “This collection is available in just one size, but this way the consumer can still see and feel the different styles, colors and materials.”

“70 pecent of women are still wearing the wrong bra. But the correct lingerie gives a boost to your confidence”, Lincherie’s retail manager Annelies Braeckman explains. “With our network of over 35 stores we reach already many Dutch women, but at the same we’ve noticed more and more women shop their lingerie online, a trend we fully want to focus on. That’s why we’ve created a unique fitting room service, combined with the convenience of shopping online.”