Ecommerce in the Netherlands: almost 35 billion euros in 2023

Ecommerce in the Netherlands: almost 35 billion euros in 2023

Last year, Dutch consumers spent 34.7 billion euros online. Compared to 2022, this is an increase of 3 percent. The amount of online purchases increased by 1 percent, to 365 million. Online growth was mainly caused by an increase in spending on services.

In 2022, ecommerce in the Netherlands was worth 33.3 billion euros. The number of online purchases was 347 million, which was a decrease of 5 percent compared to a year earlier. This means that the amount of online purchases in 2023 is back in line with the level in 2021.

This is according to the latest Thuiswinkel Market Monitor from Dutch ecommerce association The report gives an insight into ecommerce in the country in 2023. Online purchases of and spending on products remained roughly the same as in 2022. Back then, some 21.2 billion euros was spent on products.

Growth online services sector

At the same time, online purchases in the services sector rose 4 percent. Online spending grew 10 percent. “The growth in the services sector is mainly due to online spending on travel. Last year, for instance, we spent 21 percent more online on package holidays and 15 percent more on individual airline tickets and accommodation. This is more than ever before”, says Marlene ten Ham, CEO of

There was a 21% increase in online spending on holiday packages last year.

“Of course, this is related to inflation, but earlier this year, the ANVR/GfK booking monitor also showed that 2023 saw the most holiday bookings ever. Additionally, never before have we spent so much on tickets for attractions and events online, with a 10 percent growth.”

Cross-border spending worth 4 billion euros

According to the report, Dutch online cross-border spending was up 13 percent compared to 2022. This means that consumers spent almost 4 billion euros on online orders abroad in 2023. The amount of online cross-border purchases rose 17 percent, to 40 million.

Dutch consumers spent 12% of all online spending in cross-border purchases.

As a result, Dutch consumers spent as much as 12 percent of their total online spending on cross-border purchases. As much as 25 percent of cross-border spending went to German online shops. And 7 percent went to Chinese online shops, which accounted for 265 million euros. In 2022, this share was still at 5 percent.

Amount of purchases at Chinese online stores rises

The amount of purchases at Chinese online shops also increased sharply, from 18 to 22 percent. This amounts to 8.9 million purchases at these online stores in the past year. Consumers mainly bought products in the categories Home & Living, DIY & Garden and Clothing there.

‘We can also see increased online spending to other countries outside the European Union.’

“In the previous two years, we actually saw Dutch consumers’ online spending at Chinese online shops decrease, because they are no longer exempt from VAT since 2021. In 2023, we see a big increase. There is also increased spending to other countries outside the European Union”, according to Ten Ham.

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