Dutch shoe retailer Omoda expands to Scandinavia

Dutch shoe retailer Omoda expands to Scandinavia

Omoda, a Dutch omnichannel shoe retailer, is expanding in Europe. After it opened online stores in countries nearby, the company is now ready to expand to Scandinavia. This year, an online store in Denmark will open and next year, Sweden, Norway and Finland are next.

“If you’re standing still, you’re going backwards”, brothers and founders Lourus and Wilheml Verton say when they talk about their ambition. Expanding to Scandinavia is the logical next step for their company, they tell Omroep Zeeland.

‘Scandinavian consumers are like the Dutch’

“Scandinavian people are most like the customer we have in mind”, Wilhelm says. “And of course, the climate counts as well. This has led to us choosing for expansion to Scandinavia and, for example, not some southern European country where people wear different kinds of shoes and also have different sizes than here in the Netherlands.”

About Omoda

Omoda was founded in 1961 by the parents of Lourus and Wilhelm. In 1987, Lourus opened a second store and soon Wilhelm joined him.  Eventually, the company transformed into a million-euros company with 23 physical stores and online stores in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and Austria.

Every year, the company sells about one million pairs of shoes. About 60 percent gets sold through the online stores, while the remaining shoes are sold in the physical outlets.

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