Ecommerce in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is a region in Northern Europe. It consists of Norway, Sweden and Denmark. These countries, also form the Nordic countries along with Finland and Iceland. Ecommerce in Scandinavia has a lot of potential, as its internet usage is among the highest in Europe.

Sweden is the largest ecommerce market in Scandinavia

Scandinavia is praised for its high-performing economy and high standards of living. Scandinavia is a remote area in Europe, surrounded by sea. Norway and Sweden are connected with Finland, while Denmark also shares a border with Germany.

Sweden largest ecommerce market

When it comes to ecommerce in Scandinavia, the region has a lot of potential because of its highly developed digital infrastructure. The Nordic countries also have the highest shares of online shoppers in Europe together with the Netherlands.

Nordics have largest percentage online shoppers in Europe.

In 2021, Norway had the highest online shopping reach. However, Sweden generated the highest ecommerce revenue that year. Also the transnational ecommerce market is booming in Scandinavia, particularly in Sweden where the share of foreign B2C ecommerce accounted for 43 percent of the total ecommerce revenue that year.

Some of the leading stores in Scandinavian ecommerce are Swedish furniture store IKEA and fashion seller H&M, also from Sweden.

Preferences of Scandinavian consumers

Over 2021, the preferred delivery method varied in Scandinavia. Most Danish consumers preferred their online order to be delivered to their homes. Swedish and Norwegian people liked mailbox deliveries better. For most consumers price and choice of delivery location are more relevant than fast deliveries.

Marketplaces such as Amazon and Zalando have a significant user base in Scandinavia. Besides online marketplaces, social shopping becomes more and more popular. Especially purchasing through Facebook and Instagram are very common.

Ecommerce in Norway

Ecommerce in NorwayAs much as 100 percent of Norwegians are internet users and more than half of online purchases are done on mobile. The purchases are mostly done at national sellers, such as and Elkjøp. To read more about the Norwegian online retail industry, visit our page ecommerce in Norway.

Ecommerce in Sweden

Ecommerce in SwedenSweden has the biggest ecommerce industry in the whole of Scandinavia and even the Nordics. Ecommerce in Sweden is widespread, thanks to a mail order tradition and strong retail brands. To read more about the Swedish online retail industry, please check our information page on ecommerce in Sweden.

Ecommerce in Denmark

Ecommerce in Denmark Denmark is the second largest ecommerce market in the Nordics and Scandinavia after Sweden. Clothes, shoes & jewelry is the most frequently purchased product category in Denmark, followed by music, books, games & toys and tours & cultural experiences. To read more about the Danish online retail industry, please check our page about ecommerce in Denmark.

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