eBay Authenticate launched in Germany

eBay Authenticate launched in Germany

eBay is now offering its brand authentication program in Germany. eBay Authenticate, or eBay-Echtheitscheck in German, currently only accepts luxury watches from leading brands, but other brands and product categories will follow soon, the US company says.

With eBay-Echtheitscheck, German customers know they can safely buy thousands of luxury watches from major brands, because these products have been authenticated by eBay. With the brand authentication program, eBay Germany wants to further increase consumers’ confidence in buying luxury goods on the popular marketplace.

Watch need to be in original condition

Part of the check is that expert sellers check the authenticity of the items and then set them up for sale on eBay. According to the marketplace, a watch will be considered as genuine when it’s in the original condition in which it was first introduced to the market by the manufacturer. The watch will also be considered authentic if some changes, such as repairs, have been made.

Extra check if customer has doubts after purchase

If a customer still has doubts after the purchase, he or she can have the watch checked by independent experts. If this external party can’t confirm the authenticity, the customer will receive a full refund.

eBay started the authenticity check in October 2017 in the US, where it offers this check for both luxury watches and handbags. In Germany, the program only applies to watches, but eBay Germany already revealed it will allow other product categories and more luxury watch brands in the future.