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Ecommeleon announces seed funding

Ecommeleon announces seed funding

Ecommeleon, a German startup aimed at sellers on online marketplaces, has announced a successful seed funding round. The money will be used to support the spin-off of ecommerce service provider InterCultural Elements with its final development and initial market launch.


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In September, InterCultural Elements announced plans to spin-off an internally developed product into a new company that helps retailers with their product listing data for online marketplaces. Its system sources the parameters set by marketplaces and delivers these to retailers, by integrating the information into a SaaS solution.

‘Soon global footprint in ecommerce product data market’

Ecommeleon has now raised an undisclosed amount of money from Technologiegründerfonds Sachsen (TGFS), which it will use to market its software. Robin Nitsch, senior investment manager at TGFS, says he’s happy to support building a ‘strong company which will soon have a global footprint in the ecommerce product data market’. He adds: “We see huge scalability and market potential by optimizing and converting product data along the entire data flow, allowing many stakeholders such as retailers, marketplaces and brands to benefit at the same time.”

Co-founder Eduard Gerritsen explains that by building a tool online sellers could use internally, he can now reach a user base which would never be possible with a services-based company. “We’re eager to help more online sellers maximize their sales’ potential on marketplaces than we could ever hope to with a less-scalable agency model.”