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Ecommerce accounts for 48% of PostNL’s revenue

Ecommerce is becoming more and more important for Dutch postal company PostNL. Last year, 48 percent of the company’s total turnover came from revenue derived from ecommerce logistics.

In 2017, this share was 34 percent and last year it increased to 42 percent. In its annual report, PostNL says it expects to achieve their target of 50 percent by 2020, ahead of schedule.

Last year, PostNL Group’s revenue increased by 1.7 percent to 2.77 billion euros. Parcels revenue (excluding Spring) increased by 19.8 percent to 1.33 billion euros, while volumes in this business grew significantly, by 21.5 percent. In total, the Dutch postal company delivered 252 million parcels in 2018.

On peak days 1,4 million parcels per day

“We keep pace with ecommerce growth by expanding our network, hiring more people and constantly innovating our parcel collection, sorting and delivery models”, CEO Herna Verhagen says. “In 2018, parcel volumes increased by more than 20 percent. On an average day, we now deliver over 800,000 parcels. On peak days, such as black Friday and Sinterklaas, the daily volume increased to 1,4 million parcels per day.”

Decline in customer satisfaction

Although Parcels saw impressive growth in volume and revenue, there was also a decline in customer satisfaction, overall reputation scores and employee engagement in 2018. “The continuously fast-growing ecommerce market required us to speed up and increase our investments in the capacity of Parcels’ infrastructure, both in the Netherlands and Belgium”, the company explains. “We will continue to focus on transforming to an ecommerce logistics company by strengthening the range of customer solutions we offer and further developing our digital offering.”

PostNL to acquire competitor Sandd

At the same time PostNL released its annual report, the postal company also announced it it’s to acquire competing postal company Sandd. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets still need to approve the acquisition, but if it does, PostNL will take over a company with 19,00 employees (of which 16,000 mail deliverers), and a revenue mail volume of 201 million euros.