‘Ecommerce in Denmark: €15.5 billion in 2017’

‘Ecommerce in Denmark: €15.5 billion in 2017’

Ecommerce in Denmark is estimated to be worth 15.5 billion euros in 2017. If this prediction comes true, it would mean the B2C ecommerce turnover in this Northern European country increases by 15 percent compared to last year.

This is one of the main conclusions from the Denmark Ecommerce Country 2017 report from the Ecommerce Foundation, which bases its data on their own research and statistics from others. Last year, ecommerce in Denmark was worth 13.5 billion euros, after a 15.88 percent increase from 2015. Now the prediction is this industry will be worth over 15.5 billion euros at the end of this year.

Ecommerce in Denmark 2017

82 percent of Danish bought online

The study also shows that 84 percent of the online population in Denmark shopped online last year. This corresponds to almost 82 percent of the total population in Denmark. Consumers between 16 and 24 years old and those between 35 and 44 years old are the age groups with the biggest online purchasing penetration: 90 percent of them have bought something online during the last twelve months prior to the study.

Popular product categories in Denmark

‘Clothing, footwear & jewelry’ is the most popular product category in Denmark. Almost 2 billion euros were spent on this category last year, while ‘IT, telecom & camera’s and ‘home & garden, flowers/plants’ are also popular product categories. When it comes to the number of purchases, ‘clothing’ is still the most popular product category, but now it’s followed by ‘books’ and ‘IT, telecom & cameras’.

Top online retailers in Denmark
Data from Statista and Eurostat show that last year, 15 percent of enterprises in Denmark made B2C ecommerce sales via their websites. This is the same share as in 2013.  The top 10 of  largest online retailers in Denmark consists of Zalando, Amazon, Saxo, eBay, H&M, Coop, Bilka, Elgiganten, CDON and DSB.

Danish consumers are more and more open to picking up their online purchases. Last year, this share was 43 percent, while in 2014 it was still just 32 percent.

Cross-border shopping in Denmark

The report also shows that 32 percent of online shoppers in Denmark shopped abroad. The most popular destination for cross-border shopping is UK, followed by Germany, the US, China and Sweden. The most important reason for shopping at foreign ecommerce websites are the lower prices. Also “the product was unavailable in domestic webshops” and “larger product range” are major reasons for Danish consumers to shop abroad.”

More interesting statistics about ecommerce in Denmark can be found on our country page.

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