Ecommerce in Hungary accounts for 4.1% of total retail

Ecommerce in Hungary accounts for 4.1% of total retail

Ecommerce in Hungary has continued to grow in 2015. It surpassed the milestone of 300 billion Hungarian forints (about €963 million) for the first time, ultimately reaching 319 billion Hungarian forints, or 1.02 billion euros, at the end of last year. Ecommerce now accounts for 4.1 percent of the overall retail trade.

The online retail sector of Hungary already showed several years of dynamic growth, but its volume continued to rise last year, data from eNET Internet Research shows. The 4.1 percent share of the overall retail industry in Hungary, means that one in every 25 Hungarian forints that were spent, were spent online. The share of ecommerce within the overall retail increased by 0.4 percentage point last year.

Ecommerce in Hungary 2015
Ecommerce in Hungary, 2005-2015. ©eNET

Average cart size

eNET’s research found that the average cart size in Hungary has increased. In 2014, the average online order was worth 32.4 euros, but last year this figure increased to 36.6 euros. When it comes to payment methods, online stores in Hungary usually offer payment upon delivery, bank transfer and cash payment in a shop, site or office. Amongst online shoppers in Hungary, cash payment is still the most popular payment method.

Popular delivery methods in Hungary

When it comes to the popularity of delivery methods, it’s clear courier services are offered the most by online stores in Hungary. Nine out of ten online retailers offer this delivery method. Another popular option is letting the customer pick up the order in a store.

Popular delivery methods in Hungary. ©eNET
Popular delivery methods in Hungary. ©eNET

Cross-border online shopping

Last year, about 84 percent of regular internet users shopped at domestic online stores, while 35 percent (also) did this at foreign webshops. The latter group of consumers is getting bigger and bigger, as the number of online shoppers increased by 4 percent, while the number of online shoppers who purchased cross-border rose by 14 percent last year.

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