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Ecommerce software BiedMeer becomes CCV Shop and expands in Europe

Dutch ecommerce software provider BiedMeer will change its name into CCV Shop starting January 13, 2015. The company was acquired by CCV Group nine months ago and it now wants to use this name to start its services in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland, as the name “BiedMeer” (literally: “offer more”) won’t ring any bells across the Dutch borders.


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Commercial manager Randy Marcus agrees with us. “The name BiedMeer means little abroad. But CCV however is internationally present. Thanks to the acquisition, one of the first things we can do now is following our international dreams. We already wanted to go cross-border before, but now with the rebranded CCV Shop this will finally become reality.”

So starting 2015, BiedMeer won’t be focusing solely on the Dutch ecommerce market anymore. Its cloud-based online store software will also be available in Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Switzerland. CCV Group is active in these countries with a total of 10 offices.

BiedMeer was founded in 1999 and calls itself market leader in the Dutch ecommerce software industry. About 40,000 online stores were once registered on the BiedMeer website, but the company already told us there are at least 15,000 active online stores running its software.