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These are Europe’s top Amazon marketplace sellers

Amazon’s marketplace is the largest of its kind. It’s attracting millions of consumers who shop on the Amazon website and get their products from third-party sellers. Now there’s a list that shows the global top 1,000 Amazon sellers as well as the top 500 sellers on Amazon’s European marketplaces in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

The list is compiled by Webretailer, which did something similar with a list of the world’s top eBay sellers in February 2014. Now it has looked at the top Amazon sellers. These sellers are ranked by the feedback they received in the past twelve months. “So sellers of highly seasonal products shouldn’t be at an advantage.”

Sellers receive feedback on 10-20% of their sales
The website is the first to acknowledge feedback isn’t a direct measure of success, but it is an indicator of sales volume. “Amazon says that most sellers receive feedback on 10% – 20% of their sales, so the number of units sold is likely to be 5x to 10x more than the feedback shown below.”

When we look at the Amazon marketplaces with the most sellers in the top 1,000 we’ll notice that the UK and Germany are both in the top 3. The UK has half as many sellers as the number one (US) and Germany has half as many sellers as the UK.

Top 10 Amazon marketplaces

Amazon has unified its European marketplaces, which allows retailers to sell their products in one ore more European marketplaces with a single Amazon seller account. As feedback is tied to a single ID for sellers using unified account, it’s possible to check out the proportion of feedback they’ve gained from each European marketplace.

Cross-border ecommerce on Amazon
This gave Webretailer the opportunity to check out and see how much cross-border selling takes place on these marketplaces. In the top 10 there are some British and German sellers who only sell stuff to local customers, but on the third place we see KW-Commerce, that is based in Germany, while its biggest marketplace by feedback is Italy.

Webretailer says plenty of cross-border trading is going on. “But there’s also a surprising number of sellers who are sticking to just one marketplace. In fact, 45% of the 500 biggest sellers in Europe only sell on one marketplace.” But that means 55% does some level of trade across Amazon’s European marketplaces. “But are they doing it successfully? Well, 74% of those cross-border traders gained one-tenth or more of their feedback from outside their biggest marketplace. And 22% got more than half of their feedback away from their main market.”

Top marketplace sellers in Europe

Top Amazon sellers in Europe
Finally, the website looked at the top sellers on Amazon in the different European countries. In the UK the top 3 consists of All Your Music, Wordery and The Book House, while the top 3 in Germany is completed by reBuy reCommerce, Lets-Sell! and Tolle Unterhaltung. In France, Dodax-Online-fr, Nagiry and Buyus are the top sellers on Amazon, while in Italy this list consists of KW-Commerce, Compre Show and Membrane Store. And in Spain the top 3 is filled in by Bsuper Mart, KW-Commerce and Importscds-USA.