Facebook Shops rolls out in the UK

Facebook Shops rolls out in the UK

Facebook Shops, a place for discovering business and searching for products in the Facebook app, is rolling out to users in the United Kingdom. It marks the first European market where the Facebook feature is available.

In August last year, Facebook introduced Facebook Shops, which enables its users to find products, discover new businesses and make purchases, all in one place. Back then, it just started testing this in the US and it launched a complementary shopping destination on Instagram, called Instagram Shop.

Now, Facebook Shops will also be available to users in the United Kingdom (and Canada). There, both big brands and small one-person operations can connect with their customers through the popular social media app. Practically any business can open a virtual storefront. And through curated product collections from sellers with a shop on Facebook, users can get inspired and discover new businesses.

Facebook didn’t make a big statement about the launch of Facebook Shops in the United Kingdom, but instead posted a short update on their press release from August last year.


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