Fashion search platform Fashiola expands again

Fashion search platform Fashiola expands again

Online fashion search platform Fashiola will expand further across Europe. Last year, the Dutch website already expanded its presence from five to fifteen countries, but this year the company wants to launch in ten extra countries.

The international expansion is part of the company’s growth strategy, as it explains in the press release. Last year, the retail revenue increased to almost 5 million euros per month and, for the first time, over 50 percent comes from foreign activities. So, it’s not really a surprise the company is betting more on success across the border. This year, Fashiola wants to launch its online search platform for fashion items in ten new markets.

Full focus on expansion

“Our traffic and revenue figures show that with our local approach we really add some value in the countries where we launch. Within one to two years we break even”, says Peter Langenkamp, director of “With Fashiola, our ambition is to be active all over the world. That’s why since the beginning of 2016, we are fully focusing on international expansion and so far we’ve reached all our goals.”


The company started with in the Netherlands in 2012 and one year later it launched in Germany. Soon it also launched online search platforms with th international name Fashiola in the United Kingdom, France and Spain. Together, these websites welcome over 3.5 million visitors every month and 55,000 transactions take place during that time.