France has Europe’s highest share of FMCG bought online

France has Europe’s highest share of FMCG bought online

In France, ecommerce accounted for a 7.1 percent share of fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) sold last year. That’s the highest share in Europe, ahead of a 6.3 percent share in the United Kingdom and a 1.4 percent share in Germany.

This is shown in a study by the Nielsen Institute for the French ecommerce association Fevad. With the title written in all caps, Fevad shares the news about how France is “the champion of Europe” with regards to shopping fast-moving consumer goods online.

France is also ahead of the US

France is indeed the number one in Europe, and globally it’s also ahead of the United States, where 5.6 percent of FMCG happened through ecommerce. But France takes its hat off to countries such as South Korea and China where ecommerce has a share of respectively 20 percent and 18 percent.

Click and collect by car or foot

One important reason for France’s high share of fast moving consumer goods being bought online is the popularity of click and collect, something that has become an important part of many shoppers’ routines. Also, click & drive, where consumers order something online and then collect it by car or on foot, is also increasing in popularity.

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