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Fresh Funding helps Oxatis with growth strategy

Oxatis, the French provider of ecommerce software, got a capital injection worth 3.5 million euros from Omnes Capital and A Plus Finance. With the fresh funding, Oxatis is able to boost its research and development team, which is a part of its growth strategy. Also, sixty new features will be added to Oxatis’ software-as-a-service platform.

What the growth of Oxatis is concerned, the company expects its turnover to double in the next three years and during that period the French company wants to hire 80 new people: 50 in France and a further 30 through Europe. “We expect to expand our staff of 65 people today to to 90 or 100 by the end of the year”, CEO Marc Schillaci tells Journal Du Net. The company has a customer base of about 7,300 online retailers and saw its customers sell for more than 200 million euros worth of products. The company experienced a growth rate of 28% in 2013, Unquote says.

Oxatis, founded in 2001, is headquartered in Marseille, but has also offices in Paris, Surrey (UK) and Barcelona. It acquired the British company Actinic two years ago and Oxatis operates under that brand name in the UK. It’s also active in Spain and Italy, but Oxatis is now exploring strategic acquisitions through these two countries, as well as France and Germany. Altogether, the planned acquisitions and the fresh funding makes it seem like Oxatis is ready to conquer Europe with its SaaS offering. It may not be a surprise that domain names like, or are already registered.

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It’s not the first time Oxatis received funding. It secured 2 million euros in a funding round in 2008, which was led by A Plus Finance and it secured a further 4 million euros in 2010, from A Plus and Omnes. A demoshop of Oxatis can be found at