Mirakl: ‘recurring revenue nearly 150 million euros in 2023’

Mirakl: ‘recurring revenue nearly 150 million euros in 2023’

Marketplace solution provider Mirakl generated nearly 160 million dollars (148.6 million euros) in annual recurring revenue in 2023. This is a growth of 20 percent compared to a year before. Additionally, the Mirakl Platform has reached profitability in the fourth quarter of last year.

The French marketplace solution provider offers a SaaS solution for customers to create and manage online marketplaces. It was founded in 2012 and has since then raised almost 1 billion euros in funding. In its latest funding round, Mirakl secured 100 million euros in a revolving credit facility.

8 billion euros GMV on the platform

The company has now released its financial results for 2023. According to the software provider, almost 8 billion euros (8.6 billion dollars) in GMV was transacted on the Mirakl-powered marketplace and dropship platforms last year. This was a record 50 percent year-over-year increase.

The Mirakl Platform is now a self-sustaining financial model.

In November, the company achieved 1 billion dollars (927.2 million euros) in monthly GMV. Additionally, over 30 platforms powered by the company’s software surpassed the 100 million dollar GMV threshold last year. The Mirakl Platform also reached profitability in Q4, which means that it is now a self-sustaining financial model.

Launch of new features last year

During 2023, the company expanded its product suite, with artificial intelligence, ads and payout features. “Platforms are the future of ecommerce, but launching a marketplace is only one component of a true platform business strategy. With the growth of Mirakl’s suite of solutions, we are empowering our customers to take a more comprehensive approach to their entire business, maximizing growth and profitability”, said Philippe Corrot, co-founder and co-CEO of Mirakl.

‘Mirakl’s business is financially sustainable, profitable and helps operators capture revenue streams.’

“With the launch of Mirakl Ads and our newly signed global partnership with Havas, Mirakl is positioned to be a leading player in the exponentially growing retail media ecosystem in 2024. With the growth of our suite of solutions and the financial maturity of Mirakl Platform, Mirakl’s business is financially sustainable, profitable, and uniquely positioned to help operators capture new revenue streams.”



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