Salesupply launches fulfillment center in France

Salesupply launches fulfillment center in France

Dutch fulfillment company Salesupply has added another new fulfillment location to its global network. It is located in Lyon, France. The warehouse is 15,000 square meters, which gives the company the opportunity to process higher volumes in that country.

Salesupply is a fulfillment company from the Netherlands, though it operates on a global scale. Earlier this year, it opened a second location in Germany, after rising demand. Currently, the company has a network of over 20 fulfillment centers in Europe, Northern America and Asia.

Higher volumes in France

According to the company, the new location is also an answer to rising demand for a higher volume in France. The center will also be used for customers in Switzerland and Italy.

Customers in Switzerland and Italy can also use Salesupply’s new location in Lyon.

Salesupply wants to enable ecommerce businesses to compete like a local, anywhere. Because of that, the fulfillment center in Lyon is connected to the French PUDO (pick up and drop off) network. This provides merchants with a popular delivery method for customers. Additionally, customers of the fulfillment provider can use local delivery rates and times. They also get access to all popular local French carriers, which includes Amazon Last Mile delivery.



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