German ecommerce software Shopware focuses on the UK

German ecommerce software Shopware focuses on the UK

Shopware, one of the most popular ecommerce software providers from Germany, is moving more and more into the international markets. The company is increasingly present in other countries, with the launch of its first office in the UK coming soon.

Shopware isn’t the biggest ecommerce software provider in Germany, as Magento and WooCommerce are more popular, but it is one of the biggest German providers. In recent years, the company saw its customer base grew from 50,000 to about 80,000.

Shopware office in the UK

For further growth, Shopware is increasingly looking abroad. The United Kingdom is their most important growth market. The software provider has been present there since 2016 and generated a 500 percent growth in the last 18 months. In order to better meet the increasing demand from UK customers, CEO Stefan Heyne will relocate from Germany to lead the onsite team, which includes sales specialists, enterprise relations managers and partner managers.

Open source helps to keep up with innovations

In 2016, Shopware chose to continue as open source software, something that probably contributed significantly to the growing popularity of the software. During Shopware Community Day 2018, co-CEO Sebastian Hamann once again emphasized why an open community is so important to him. One of the reasons is that technological innovation happens so fast, so it’s easier to keep up with it if you get the lively community involved. This way you can respond more quickly to changes in ecommerce.

Shopware Playground

For example, in the latest update there is room for artificial intelligence, so web shop owners can receive recommendations based on collected data. The company also introduces Shopware Playground. This is an extra platform, where users can try out the latest techniques, such as augmented reality and voice technology.

The company’s roadmap also shows there are additional options in the software meant for the localization of web shops, such as flexible price configuration and presentation, flexible tax regulation and improved translation possibilities. This should make it easier for online retailers using Shopware to take their shop abroad.


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