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German logistics company Rhenus expands to UK

German logistics company Rhenus expands to UK

The German-based logistics company Rhenus Group has expanded to the United Kingdom by acquiring Network 4 Home Delivery. Rhenus already has over 500 locations across the world, but the recent acquisition represents Rhenus entering the British market for the first time.

The deal was officially completed on the first day of February, as Cabinet Maker writes. The company that has been acquired by Rhenus Group is a British delivery company that delivers mostly beds, white goods and furniture for British and Irish manufacturers, retailers and wholesalers. They claim to be the industry leader in two-man white glove furniture delivery.

For Rhenus, the acquisition is a great opportunity to introduce their logistics expertise in the UK market. “We can cover the complete British market with Network 4 Home Delivery and offer complete international solutions and additional services like customs clearance for goods to customers within our network”, managing director Nicolas Rottman said.

About Network 4

Network 4 was founded in 2006 to help a small number of independent companies. In 2010, it signed a partnership agreement with W.S. Dennisson to offer their services in Ireland and Northern Ireland. The company now has five depots across the United Kingdom and Ireland.

About Rhenus

Rhenus Group is a logistics services provider with an annual turnover of 4.6 billion euros. It has business sites at over 500 locations around the globe and employs over 26,000 people.