Hawesko is launching a marketplace

Hawesko is launching a marketplace

German wine retailer, Hawesko Group, is launching an online marketplace. The marketplace will operate in addition to its current online shop. With the marketplace, it wants to offer a one-stop shopping experience for premium wine purchases.

The Hawesko Group is a German company that sells wine through a total of 14 operating companies. Online, it has a core brand: Hawesko.de. In the 2022 financial year, the group achieved a turnover of 671.5 million euros. And 242.4 million euros were generated through its ecommerce division.

Launching in 2024

The group’s online brand Hawesko.de is now being expanded with a marketplace, which is planned to launch at the beginning of 2024. Sellers that want to be active on the online marketplace will be checked whether their offer complements the existing online range. They will need to sell premium wines. Customers will be able to see who is selling and shipping each item on the marketplace.

‘We want to offer customers the most relevant and attractive range.’

Hawesko wants to offer an attractive one-stop shopping experience for premium wine purchases. “We want to offer our customers the most relevant and attractive range”, says Alex Kim, Managing Director of Hawesko GmbH. “Due to the enormous variety and dynamics of the wine market, the best and quickest way to do this is to expand the marketplace.”

Almost 5,000 wines on the website

Currently, Hawesko.de has a product range of almost 5,000 wines from the Hamburg-based wine seller itself. According to the company, customers can soon order a “significantly higher number” of wines in the five-digit range from the website.

‘With more sellers, Hawesko can add new wine trends and categories earlier.’

With more sellers offering their products, it can make new wine trends and wine categories accessible earlier. In the future, the company might expand its marketplace by adding more product ranges, like wine-related and indulgence-related products from partner sellers.



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