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In Nordics, only Swedes like to shop Christmas gifts online

In Nordics, only Swedes like to shop Christmas gifts online

Consumers in the Nordic countries expect to conduct the majority of Christmas shopping offline. But Sweden is the notable exception, as a majority of consumers believe they will shop their gifts mostly online. In total, more than 80 percent of Nordic consumers will shop online this Christmas and almost a quarter of the Christmas shopping will be mobile.

These are some of the results of the Nordic Christmas Report, which Klarna and Bring wrote after two consumer surveys. It asked consumers for example what the reasons are for shopping online. In Norway and Sweden, it’s mostly because it’s convenient. But in Denmark, consumers want to save money, while Finns like the possibility to shop whenever they want.

Consumers got the question “Where do you think you will conduct most of your Christmas shopping?” and in general, consumers expect to conduct the majority of their Christmas shopping offline. Only in Sweden, there are more people who think they will do this online:

Nordics and shopping offline

Online shopping before 9 December
According to the survey results, the majority of the Nordic shoppers think they’ll need to shop online before 9 December in order to get the goods in time. Based on information from Adobe, this doesn’t come as a surprise: in Denmark and Sweden 7 December is expected to be the busiest shopping day, while in Norway 30 November probably will be.

Preferred delivery method in the Nordics
The delivery preference seems to vary a lot between the Nordic countries. Although home delivery and pick up points are popular in all countries, parcel lockers are particularly big in Finland, while picking up goods at physical stores is done regularly in Norway.

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