InPost installs 2,000th locker unit in UK

InPost installs 2,000th locker unit in UK

Ecommerce delivery company InPost has announced the deployment of its 2,000th automated parcel machine in the United Kingdom. The company’s locker coverage has almost doubled over the last six months.

InPost, which was founded in Poland in 2006, installed about 900 units so far this year. This gives the ecommerce delivery company approximately 140,000 individual locker compartments spread across the United Kingdom.

Collect, return and post parcels 24/7

With these lockers, which are available 24/7, consumers can not only collect and return their online orders, but can also post parcels to other consumers. This is especially handy for private sellers using online marketplaces.

InPost wants 10,000 locker units by 2024.

Its goal now is to have more than 10,000 automated parcel machines in operation by 2024. It will soon install more locker locations in London, Manchester and Birmingham than there are Post Offices.

Lockers at convenient and busy locations

InPost installs its lockers at convenient locations where lots of people come, such as train stations, super markets and gas stations. CEO Jason Tavaria: “We are incredibly proud to have installed our 2,000th locker in the UK on the back of an explosion in demand by British consumers, who want the convenience of 24/7, self-service collection or returns of goods via lockers.”

In the last couple of months, InPost has launched some new additions to its services and offer. For example, it launched Instant Returns, which lets shoppers return items in seconds without the need to print a label, and digital receipts to help marketplace senders or returners record their deliveries.

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