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Italian distributor Selex launches online shopping service CosìComodo

Italian distributor Selex launches online shopping service CosìComodo

The Italian Selex group has launched a new ecommerce portal, called CosìComodo. This online shopping project brings together the company’s multiple brands in one single portal. CosìComodo is available throughout the entire country and wants to become the place to be for Italian consumers who want to buy food online.

The Selex Group presented the ecommerce portal CosìComodo in Milan last Thursday, and there are already some brands from the company, such as Emisfero, Il Gigante and Mercato’, that activated the new service in some of its stores. They will soon be joined by others to ensure the service will be available throughout Italy.

If a consumer visits CosìComodo, the system will suggest the Selex Group’s supermarkets that are active in that area. After selecting a supermarket brand, it’s then possible to buy online a wide range of products; any item they can find on sale in their trusted supermarket, from major national brands to typical specialties.

Whenever the shopping cart if filled, the customer can submit the order, specify a preferred delivery time and if all goes well he or she can pick up and pay for the groceries at the appointed address, where the supermarket staff will help the customer with getting the goods in the car. In the future, the Italian multichannel distributor wants to add online payment and the possibility to have the goods delivered to the customer’s home.

For the Selex group, CosìComodo is another important way to offer additional service to its customers, but also an interesting opportunity to acquire potential customers and explore new markets.

About Selex

Selex is the third-largest distributor in Italy with a market share of 11.7 percent. The company has a turnover of 10 billion euros and issued over 6 million customer loyalty cards. The number of its branded products exceeds 5,000.

Online supermarket Cosìcomodo from distributor Selex
Online supermarket Cosìcomodo from distributor Selex.