June: ecommerce events in Europe

June: ecommerce events in Europe

June is not exactly the month in which most ecommerce events takes place. But that doesn’t mean there’s no interesting conference you could visit in Europe! We made a handy overview for you, so you know when and where an ecommerce event in Europe takes place.

June 7-9: Magnolia Conference – Switzerland

The Magnolia Conference is an event that’s fully dedicated to Magnolia, a digital business platform with a CMS at its core. Over 300 digital content professionals will attend this Swiss event.

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June 16: Treffpunkt E-Commerce Munich – Germany

Treffpunkt E-Commerce Munch is one of many networking events of Der Händlerbund, the national online trade association of Germany. It’s aimed at ecommerce players and the meeting includes keynotes and useful hints for Händlerbund Club members and all interested people.

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June 18: How to sell successfully in Romania – Bulgaria

‘How to sell successfully in Romania’ is one of many events from eCommerce Academy, a company that organizes ecommerce events in Bulgaria. This event is fully focused on selling in Romania.

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June 21-23: eTail Europe 2016 – The United Kingdom

eTail Europe 2016 will bring together over a thousand ecommerce directors, VPs and C-level attendees from big European retail brands. There are over 80 speakers, roundtables, discussions, games, drinks and more.

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June 27-28: Open Mobile Summit London – The United Kingdom

This is an annual event about all things mobile and digital. The 2016 edition of Open Mobile Summit London is focused on building a winning mobile product srtrategy and is packed with keynotes and discussion panels.

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June 30: Online and Digital Electronics Summit 2016 – UK

This UK summit brings together the leading retailers and consumer electronic and appliance brands to understand the key actions to optimize their ecommerce strategies and increase online sales.

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