Kaufland increases seller fees

Kaufland increases seller fees

German online platform Kaufland is changing its seller fees by the end of this month. In most product categories, the fees either increase of decrease one percent. However, fees for small household appliances will increase more.

Earlier this month, Kaufland announced the expansion of its marketplace into Poland and Austria. The launches are planned for the end of this summer. The company started out as a hypermarket chain in Germany, but has a strong online presence since the launch of its marketplace three years ago.

Household electronics fees rise 7%

Now the company is changing its fees for marketplace sellers. In the categories garden, mattrasses, kitchen and household, clothing, bags, accessories and shoes, the fees rise from 13 to 14 percent of the purchase price. And fees in the categories pet supplies, camping items, fitness products and stand-up paddle boards will be reduced from 15 to 14 percent.

‘The majority of commissions have remained the same.’

“The majority of the commissions have remained the same”, said a spokesperson of Kaufland. However, in the category of small household electronics, a stronger increase is visible. The fee is rising from 7 to 13 percent.

The marketplace is not the only one doing this. Its competitor Otto has also recently increased the commission on household electronics, from 8 to 15 percent. “We are still very positively positioned in the market comparison with both our services and the level of commissions”, said Kaufland.

Lower fees in Poland

The increase in commissions seems related to the company’s future business plans. It announced in February that it would launch an international fulfillment service. The launch of the marketplace in its two new markets also seems to be related to it. The new seller commissions are the same on all of the Kaufland marketplaces, except the one in Poland. Fees in almost all categories are lower in that market.



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