Latvians and Lithuanians like the low prices online

Latvians and Lithuanians like the low prices online

When it comes to online shopping, consumers from Latvia and Lithuania emphasize the superior pricing policies compared to prices in physical stores. The number one issue for online shoppers in both Eastern European countries seems to be a long delivery time.

This was noted by Gemius, which wrote ecommerce reports about several countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The online research agency asked both Latvian and Lithuanian internet users for their top pros and cons of online shopping.

Ecommerce in Latvia

In Latvia, almost 80 percent of consumers emphasized the superior pricing policies when shopping online. Also, 71 percent of internet users in Latvia strongly feel they are not restricted by opening hours when they are busy purchasing products online. And 69 percent of users like the fact they can easily compare offers from different stores, which is often something that’s harder to do when in a physical store.

When it comes to major drawbacks of shopping online, 40 percent of Latvian users mention the long delivery time. Also, around 35 percent of consumers feel they can’t find necessary information about the product they want to buy, while 33 percent can’t manage to find the product they are looking for.

And while online stores seem to be a primary source of information prior to making a purchase, around 55 percent of Latvians use price comparison sites before they buy something. About one in four Latvian online shoppers (28 percent) think their online expenses will increase in the upcoming year, while 26 percent think expenses will decrease.

Ecommerce in Lithuania

In Lithuania, almost 70 percent of consumers like the fact prices are better online than in physical stores. Also, three out of four users strongly value the possibility of making a purchase from their own homes instead of having to go to a store.

In this country, about 70 percent of internet users say home delivery is one of their top reasons to shop online. But when it comes to the less positive characteristics of online shopping, 36 percent of Lithuanian users mention the long delivery time. Online shoppers from this Eastern European country also aren’t very happy with the high delivery charges (33 percent), while 37 percent said they have received a product that didn’t meet their expectations.

While consumers in Latvia use mostly price comparison websites before they purchase something, 35 percent of Lithuanians prefer to ask their friends or family for recommendations. One in three online shoppers from Lithuania think their online expenses will increase in the upcoming year, while only 3 percent think it will decrease.

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