LetMeShip acquires ParcelParcel

LetMeShip acquires ParcelParcel

B2B shipping software provider LetMeShip, owned by the ITA Consulting Group, is acquiring Dutch shipping platform ParcelParcel. LetMeShip can accelerate its expansion across Europe thanks to the acquisition. The software provider will now also offer more flexible business-to-consumer shipping solutions.

The Germany-based ITA Consulting Group offers a business-to-business shipping solution with its software called LetMeShip. It allows customers to send their orders through an app or API with a large selection of parcel deliverers, tailored to the local market. It has several international offices in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland and Austria.

Acquisition ParcelParcel on April 1st

Today, the company has announced an acquisition of ParcelParcel. The Dutch shipping platform was founded in 2013 and is also active in Belgium. Through the online platform, customers can send their parcels, pallets or document with multiple deliverers.

‘We want to expand the portfolio of the ITA Consulting Group.’

“For some time now, we had been looking for suitable collaboration partners to expand the service portfolio of the ITA Consulting Group”, says Mark Winkelmann, CEO and founder of LetMeShip. “We are very happy that in ParcelParcel we have found a company with a corporate culture that fits ours so well. We welcome the new colleagues and clients to our Group.”

Larger network

Through the acquisition, the ITA Consulting Group wants to build on the knowledge of ParcelParcel. For the time being, the shipping platform will continue operating under its own business name. Customers will take little notice of the takeover, while benefitting from the larger network of deliverers at the same time.

‘By joining forces, we can roll out our services in Europe.’

“The ITA Consulting Group shares our vision to make it easy and efficient for businesses and individuals to ship internationally. By joining forces, we are able to roll out our services in Europe as a standalone shipping platform with a focus on SMEs and individuals, while maintaining the high level or service that customers have come to expect from us. We are extremely proud to embark on this adventure together with ITA”, says Carlos de Vos, CEO and founder of ParcelParcel.



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