Lidl starts tests with pick-up point Lidl Express

Lidl starts tests with pick-up point Lidl Express

Two months after Lidl announced it will start selling fruits and vegetables online in Germany, the supermarket discounter is now experimenting with Lidl Express, a pick-up point for online orders where consumers can also buy fresh products.

Lidl has a branch in the Berlin locality of Schöneberg that’s currently going through a massive make-over, because it serves as a pilot project of Lidl’s new store format, called Lidl Express. According to the Lebensmittel Zeitung, the new Lidl shop will have several express cash desks installed without a conveyor belt, a bakery counter and a deli counter.

Compared to the usual stores, the assortment in Lidl Express will be significantly smaller, but it’s complemented by online pick-ups. As a result, Lidl customers will be able to order fruit, vegetables, milk and other items with a limited shelf-time online and get them in the store.

Lidl has registered the domain, but there’s still no website live yet. According to MobiFlip, the opening of the first Lidl Express store will probably take place this winter. In October, Lidl announced it will start with selling foods and drinks online. Lidl eventually wants to turn every physical store into a pick-up location for online orders.