Lufthansa expands ecommerce hub in Frankfurt

Lufthansa expands ecommerce hub in Frankfurt

Lufthansa Cargo has the ambition to establish a ‘European same-day and ecommerce network’, centered around Frankfurt. Frankfurt Airport is set to become one of the world’s most significant ecommerce hubs.

Lufthansa Cargo clearly expressed this ambition on Aviation Day. CEO Ashwin Bhat emphasized the company’s objective “to build a European same-day and ecommerce network, and thereby establish Lufthansa Cargo as the leading European cargo airline and service partner in the market”.

Disruptions in the airfreight industry

The airfreight industry is currently experiencing various upheavals. “Sustainability, digitalization and booming online trade are playing a central role”, according to Bhat.

Booming online trade is playing a central role

To be able to master the upheavals, Lufthansa Cargo is relying on “decisive and dynamic action” along with all stakeholders in the industry, the CEO continues. “This is the only way we can remain fit for the future and live up to our responsibility as one of the world’s leading airfreight companies and enabling global business.”

Ecommerce hub

Lufthansa Cargo recently presented its ambitious plans for Frankfurt Airport: in the future, the airport is to become one of the world’s most important ecommerce hubs. Together with two subsidiaries – the logistics service provider Heyworld and the customs clearance agency CB Customs Broker – Lufthansa Cargo is thus proactively driving forward the expansion of the ecommerce business at Frankfurt Airport.

‘Resilience and speed’

“A decisive success factor for online retailing is the resilience and speed of the supply chain”, said Ashwin Bhat. “We want to make Frankfurt a leading location in this segment by offering holistic solutions for shipping, customs clearance, and onward transport of ecommerce shipments.”

Lufthansa wants to make Frankfurt a leading ecommerce location

Ecommerce terminal

Lufthansa Cargo’s customs agency CB Customs Broker entered into a partnership with handling expert GEORGI Handling earlier this year. To promote the ecommerce business in Frankfurt, a popular location for international companies with European growth ambitions, both companies are creating a new ecommerce terminal.



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