Magento dominates in Europe

Magento dominates in Europe

Magento is a very popular shopping cart software. Not just globally, but also in Europe the eBay Enterprise-owned software has a dominant presence. Especially in Western Europe and Scandinavia, Magento is a popular choice amongst online retailers.

Technology research and insight company Hivemind analyzed the top 1 million websites, according to, and identified what ecommerce software they use. Their most recent research shows that 56,793 (or 5.67%) of the one million websites are ecommerce sites. And that 24.6% of those websites are built on Magento.

WooCommerce finishes second, with 19.8% of popular ecommerce websites using this type of shopping cart software. Other popular shopping cart software among the top ecommerce websites are OpenCart (7.4%), PrestaShop (6.4%) and Shopify (5.4%).

Ecommerce software used by the top 1 million websites

Hivemind Research has identified 14,729 Magento websites in the ‘Alexa Top 1 Million’. And of those 14,729, over 1500 are on the Enterprise edition with a base cost of about €14,000 per year. Especially since the end of February this year, the share of Magento websites seem to rise drastically, as you could see in the graph below.

Growth of shopping cart software Magento

When we zoom in on Europe, it becomes clear that in Germany there are 2719 Magento sites (again, Hivemind only looked at the top 1 million websites). Slightly more than in the UK, where there are 2483 Magento websites. Other popular Magento countries are France (1503) and The Netherlands (1243).

Magento and PrestaShop dominant in Europe
“If we look at a country breakdown of ecommerce technologies we can see that Magento dominates the majority of northern Europe, e.g. UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Switzerland”, Hivemind says. “However, Prestashop has a stronger presence amongst the top 1 million sites hosted in Portugal, Spain, France and Poland. Overall, the Prestashop platform has seen no growth overall and in fact has been demoted below OpenCart in terms of popularity.”

Magento in Europe

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