Mango shares online turnover with franchisers

Mango shares online turnover with franchisers

Fashion retailer Mango will share a part of the turnover generated by ecommerce with its franchisers. Initially, Mango will do this only in the Netherlands, Spain and France, all markets where the company has many franchisers.

The initiative is retroactive to the first of January this year. Mango will share its online turnover with its franchisers in the Netherlands, Spain and France based on their turnover within their sales area. Last year, online sales at Mango increased by 26.7 percent to 564 million euros.

‘Physical stores responsible for significant growth online’

According to Daniel Lopez, director of expansion and franchises at Mango, the announced plan is fair. “Because the physical stores are undeniably responsible for the significant growth of the online business. Many of the transactions that end up in our ecommerce business, come from our customers visiting our physical stores”, he explains.

Sharing the online revenue with franchisers is fair.

Closer collaboration with franchisers

He also thinks this allows for closer collaboration with the franchisers. In-store omnichannel initiatives, such as click and collect, could be introduced and developed more quickly.

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