MediaMarkt enters German top 3 online stores

MediaMarkt enters German top 3 online stores

In 2021, MediaMarkt entered the top 3 German online stores with the highest turnover. In doing so, it pushed out Zalando. Amazon is still leading the ranking with 15.68 billion euros.

During the 2021 fiscal year, the top 1,000 online shops in Germany grew 16.1 percent when compared to the situation a year earlier. According to data from EHI Retail Institute and eCommerceDB, their net ecommerce sales are estimated to reach 79.9 billion in total in that year. The top 100 generated 70 percent of that turnover, while the top 10 generated 41.1 percent.

Top 10 online stores in Germany

Amazon is still the leader of German ecommerce, as it reached the highest turnover of 15.68 billion euros. This means that it generated 19.6 percent of the total sales of the top 1,000. In second place is Otto, with a turnover of 5.12 billion euros. MediaMarkt entered the top 3 with a 2.54 billion euros in sales.

1.       Amazon 15.68 billion euros
2.       Otto 5.12 billion euros
3.       MediaMarkt 2.54 billion euros
4.       Zalando 2.52 billion euros
5.       Ikea 1.75 billion euros
6.       Saturn 1.34 billion euros
7.       Apple 1.19 billion euros
8.       Lidl 1.02 billion euros
9.       H&M 900.2 million euros
10.   DocMorris 783.3 million euros

When compared to a year before, Amazon was able to grow its turnover with 1.9 billion euros. This is a growth of 13.8 percent, which is lower than the average growth of the top 1,000 (16.1 percent). Ikea recorded the strongest growth in the top 10 (102.9 percent). Apple (71.9 percent) and DocMorris (60.5 percent) are also growing significantly.

Magento replaced by Shopware

When looking at the providers of the top 1,000 shops, there are also some noticeable changes. Shopware has replaced Magento as the most commonly used ecommerce software provider. Out of the 1,000 online shops, Shopware powers 12.2 percent. Magento powers 11.8 percent.



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