Micolet lets Germans sell second-hand fashion

Micolet lets Germans sell second-hand fashion

Micolet, the second-hand fashion marketplace from Spain, is expanding in Europe again. The company is busy making the sales process available to customers in Germany. Right now, only customers in Spain can sell their fashion items through Micolet.

Micolet is an online marketplace that sells second-hand fashion across Europe. In the United Kingdom, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy and Germany, customers can shop for women’s clothing that has already been worn. But only Spanish shoppers are also able to sell their stuff through this platform.

Germans can buy and sell on

Now, in the next few months the company wants to start offering this service in Germany as well. This means German fashion lovers will not only be able to shop second-hand fashion at Micolet, but can also offer their own clothing for sale.

How selling on Micolet works

Selling through Micolet isn’t just a simple process of customers sending their unwanted items. In Spain, Micolet picks up the clothes at the customer’s home, checks if the items can be sold, and then take several pictures and upload everything to the marketplace. If another customer orders the item, Micolet packs and ships the clothing and transfers the money to the seller. For all this, Micolet charges a commission fee.

Currently, Micolet has over one million users worldwide, of which 40 percent are from the home market in Spain. The German share amounts to five percent and is set to increase significantly in the coming months when the service expands.

Micolet in the Netherlands and Czech Republic

In the future, the second-hand marketplace wants to further expand. Aside from the expanded service in Germany, Micolet is scheduled to launch in the Netherlands and the Czech Republic later this year. And in addition, the company also wants to open in non-European markets in 2019.


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