MikMak launches in Europe

MikMak launches in Europe

Ecommerce marketing startup MikMak has launched in Europe and Canada. Its ecommerce enablement and analytics software are now available for European brands. The expansion follows after the company raised 10 million dollars in a Series A funding round in August.

It’s been a good year for MikMak, which already saw its revenue grow over 200 percent this year. The company, launched in 2015, started as a mobile video shopping network making infomercials. But in 2017, it pivoted to enterprise software to help brands better measure ecommerce marketing.

In the US, brands like Colgate, L’Oréal, and The Hershey Company use MikMak, and now brands in Europe can join them to understand online shopping behaviors, optimize their media for ecommerce, and drive online sales.

Tipping point where ecommerce generates most revenue

“This year, consumer brands across categories like CPG, consumer electronics, beauty, grocery, homecare, personal care, pets, and spirits understand that their categories are about to reach a tipping point where ecommerce will become the majority of their revenue”, founder and CEO Rachel Tipograph, says.

“We give brands more insight into the ecommerce customer journey than they have ever had before. With the demand for ecommerce growing so quickly this year across the world, we knew this was the time for us to launch internationally to provide a unified solution for brands.”

This was the time for us to launch in Europe.

In Europe, MikMak will launch two of its flagship products. The first one is MikMak Insights, which is a multichannel ecommerce analytics solution that enables brands to understand how consumers engage with media and retailers. The second one is MikMak Commerce, which is a multi-retailer ecommerce enablement solution that lets consumers choose where they want to shop.

For brands in Europe, MikMak will be supporting major retailers like Aldi, Amazon, Carrefour, Loblaws, and Tesco.

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