MoEngage aims for international growth aims for international growth, an online shop for designer shoes, bags and accessories, is focusing more and more on attracting international stationary retailers to its platform. Up to 15 new German retailers will go online on the fashion platform this year, but international dealers will also be connected towards the end of this year.

The German retailer looks back on a pretty successful year, with an annual turnover of 10 million euros, the launch of localized ecommerce websites for the UK, the US, Poland and Switzerland, a new look for the shop as well as an investment in the seven-digit range of an unnamed investor.

Conquer markets with cooperation

This investment helps expanding from a pure online shop to a platform for stationary retailers and designer brands worldwide. “In the coming years we will conquer the international markets with considerable and attention-strong cooperation”, says co-founder Matthias Nebus.

‘Win-win situation for both sides’

In Germany, Mybudapester successfully expanded its retail business by letting stationary luxury shoe retailers offer their assortment directly on the online platform. Now it wants to implement this strategy internationally. “Not every stationary retailer has the time or the possibility to set up and operate an online shop”, Nebus justifies this strategic adjustment. “We expect this to be a win-win situation for both sides. The retail trade will be strengthened, the stationary retailers will have more reach and customers and we can expand our product range significantly”.

For every partner, an individual shop is set up and orders can be placed directly via the respective retailer. There are no fees, all costs will be covered by a sales commission. Last year, watch brand Moritz Grossman joined the platform, while another cooperation, with French sunglasses manufacturer Vuarnet started three months ago. But Mybudapester will also launch its own products for the first time this year, starting with a limited edition watch.


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