MyToys handles customs fees for Swiss shoppers

MyToys handles customs fees for Swiss shoppers

The MyToys Group lets Swiss consumers shop online easier, after it has optimized the ordering and shipping process for its customers in Switzerland. A partnership with Swiss Post enables the German retail company to offer its Swiss customers shorter delivery times, a simpler return process and no customs fees.

It almost looks like multichannel toy retailer MyToys integrates the Swiss into the European Union. Because since the end of last month, customers from Switzerland who shop online in the MyToys store don’t have to pay customs fees anymore.

Changes for Swiss MyToys customers

In order to gain a foothold in Switzerland, MyToys has partnered with Swiss Post. The result: short delivery time and a significantly simpler returns process, Horizont writes. MyToys can process returns faster than before, because it will now be handled in Switzerland. Also from now on, Swiss customers can easily pay VAT in the shop, while customs fees are abandoned completely: the MyToys Group takes over the customs in full.

‘Consumers in Europe want convenience’

“The customer experience is one of the most important sales arguments. Consumers in Europe want convenience, always and everywhere”, says MyToys founder Oliver Lederle. “Together with our new partner, we have intensively pushed ahead with the optimization of our ordering and delivery processes in Switzerland, in order to provide them with an even more convincing shopping experience.”


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